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Nov 11, 2013 12:30pm EST
. >> the fed used to have reserves and one of the changes is that now they can pay it and they look at the new tool of the interest rate. >> and number of people to put this in context a number of people have been arguing one of the problems in terms of funding investment in the private sector is that the fed is taking the money out of the system by paying interest on reserves. i think there is very little evidence that that is the case created the design of the policy was primarily to make sure that there was control over the rate to keep the fund rate is much narrower than they had been. remember that as a time when it was all over the place. it seemed to have worked quite effectively, and i think the evidence to that policy is pretty positive. the evidence against it in terms of its long-term effect is minimal. that doesn't mean that it couldn't be used to harm the private sector by taking the money out of the economy because they have discretion on the rate by which it pays for those funds obviously by the race that would be too high you could do a lot of damage but i don't think there is
FOX News
Nov 24, 2013 12:30pm PST
he will be sorely missed. that's it for this week's show. i'm david asman. thanks for watching us. you can catch me on "after the bell" on the fox business network. >>> hello, i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to america's news headquarters. brand-new reaction to iran's nuclear deal. this agreement reached by iran, the united states and five world powers calls for tehran to curb its nuclear activities for six months in exchange for easing of some sanctions. however, not everyone is happy with this deal. national security correspondent jennifer griffin live in washington with more. jennifer. >> gregg, differences are emerging over the interpretation of what the deal does and doesn't do. >> translator: no matter what interpretations are given iran's right to enrichment has been recognized in the text and for that reason i announce that iran's enrichment activity will continue as before. >> there is no right to enrich. we do not recognize a right to enrich. it is clear in the npt it's very clear that there is no right to enrich. >> here's what the deal includes. it pauses construction of th
Nov 2, 2013 4:00am EDT
notice we have the scale of sheets that are on your table. they are reviews. we use them -- we review them very carefully afterwards. that is why we think our programs have improved over the years because we listen to what you have to say and try to give you the type of programs you really are interested in. we would also have another announcement. our committee will be having on friday november 15 an address addressed by ambassador marc grossman. he is the vice-chairman of the cohen group. he will be speaking about the diplomatic campaign in afghanistan and pakistan. he will be at the university club at 8:00 a.m. on november 15 so please take out your black areas in iphones. we also have another speaker. the senior adviser for transnational homeland security and counterterrorism program at the center for strategic and international studies. that will be wednesday december 4. also at 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and that also will be held at the university club which is on 16th street in the northwest. i also have a very special announcement. as many of you know the aba standing committee i
Nov 1, 2013 6:00pm EDT
in jakarta is a hub for the u.s. by efforts. on thursday, john kerry issued some of his brightest remarks to .ate on nsa spying during a video appearance at a london conference, john kerry conceded some actions have "reached too far." >> the president and i and others in government have actually learned of some things that have been happening in many ways on automatic pilot because the technology is there, over a course of a long period of time. >> edward snowden is reportedly starting a new job in russia today. his lawyer told a russian news agency or snowden has been hired by major russian website. than 47 million people who receive food stamps in the u.s. will see a decrease in their aid beginning today as a temporary boost from the 2009 stimulus expires. bybed the hunger clip critics, the drop will reduce monthly food stamps for a family of four $36 each month. according to the center for budget and policy priorities, food stamps will now average less than $1.40 per person per meal next year. the decrease comes two days after lawmakers opened talks on a farm bill that will likely cut
Nov 3, 2013 11:00am EST and leave a comment yourself. issue two, cyber warriors unite. >> it's invaluable to us to know where countries are coming from, what their policies are, how that would impact us across a whole range of issues. so, it isn't just leaders themselves, it's what goes on around them and the policies that they convey to their governments. >> james is the director of national intelligence. aka, the u.s. ace spy men. he confirmed this week to a house committee, the u.s. does in fact spy on foes. and friends alike. director believes that such spying 101 should be obvious to all. >> some of this reminds me a lot of the classic movie, casablanca. there's gambling going on here. it's the same thing. >> i'm shocked to find gambling is going on in here. >> thank you very much. >> well, not everyone agrees that espionage is expected. like some of our allies that we spy on, europe reacted officially with visible irritation to report that 35 foreign leaders were being monitored by the u.s. including german chancellor,, now viewed as the most powerful woman in the world. madame merkel was furious
Nov 1, 2013 8:00pm EDT
exercise rights of its owners and forth is a roots that only judge walton in the district here used which is the third-party standing doctrine. i would like to begin by looking at the claims of the gilardi's as individuals. several things are undisputed. the gilardi's control and make the decisions for the companies including what goes in and what's kept out of the company health plans. third the gilardi have a well-documented religious or four of the hhs mandate challenge here today requires the companies to include those things and their plans for face significant lines. and five those things should only be included in the plan if francis philip gilardi direct them to be included. given those undisputed facts it's our view that the court should have applied the test of the thomas case and asked whether the hhs mandate put substantial pressure on the gilardi's to modify their long-standing behavior and violate their religious police. the responses of course it does. they either abandon their religious belief that they can't have their company pay for these things or go out with business.
Nov 13, 2013 4:00pm EST
much. want to talk about this melt-up that continues. joining us right now to talk more about markets, brian, nath nathan, michele perry higgins author "the everything binder." thank you for joining us. >> thank you. michelle, let me kick it off with you. talk to us about who is buying this market. got a market at an all-time high tonight. 70 points higher on dow jones industrial average. is this institutional or retail or both? >> i think it's a little of both, maria. the retail side, they've had a confusing year, as you look at what's going on right now. we've seen historical highs on equities, our fixed income, alternative space not such a great year. i have those retailers on the sidelines who are wanting to jump in right now and are excited to jump in. they think they might have missed the party. but i would say be very cautious. >> yeah. i mean, we talked to the ceo of schwab, nathan, this week, and he basically said, i'm not seeing it? i'm not seeing the individual investor back in this market. what do you think? >> i agree with you. i won't see it either. it's not like people
Comedy Central
Nov 26, 2013 7:00pm PST
screens i always tell the doctor forget one finger, use the whole hand. that way i won't have to come back for five years. called the five finger discount. and folks, i will not be out sweep swepted by the "today show". (applause) >> thank you. known no one has ever applauded for my prostate before. thank you. so nation, scrub up, scrub in, strap on and strap in because i'm about to get my own prostate check in stephen colbert's november sweeps prostacular. jimmy, juice it! >> november sweep prostacular. >> stephen: nation, welcome to the prostacular. gentlemen, bring out the privacy curtain, let's do it, guys. all right. nation, any newsman can get some old doctor to stick his digital up your analog. but sweeps is all about guest stars. >> did someone say guest stars? (cheers and applause) stars, john lithgow, john, i got to ask you, john, what are you doing here? >> stephen, i'm here to examine your prostate. (laughter) as research for an acting role. >> stephen: oh, what's the play? >> the glass menagerie. (laughter) >> stephen: now folks, that's a guest star. >> guest star, did someone
Nov 27, 2013 9:00am PST
team joining us, john, bobby, dom and craig on long island, new york. how did you make the decision who was going to go close to the water because go of you ended up taking a dip? >> they have a few less pounds than i do. it was a no-brainer when we sent them out on the tree limb there. andou could see the ice wasn't stable and i jumped in to save him and we managed to come out and save the dog. >> so sweet. >> do you guys feel like heros? >> you know what, i felt good. after the dog was out, i felt great. if i didn't look down there, that dog i don't think would have been here today. >> so tell us what amanda said to you when you called her. >> i think she said she was at home with her child and she was going to seasoned her brother down. they said they were going to have the fire department come down, when the brother showed up, turned out he was a volunteer fireman. >> i want to know what that frigid, frosty water was like when you fell in. >> you don't even think about it. you just think about getting out and saving the dog. >> and amanda sent us over some pictures and videos of sil
Nov 15, 2013 6:00am EST
in this morning. in just a few minutes, we've got john harwood. he'll join us to go through the politics on this and some of the realities on how it can possibly work. in the meantime, let's send it over to andrew. >> we have a lot of corporate news this morning. kimberly clark announcing its board of directors authorizing its management team to pursue a potential tax free spin-off of the health care business which has $1.6 billion in sales. take a look at shares of the consumer products giant closing at an all-time high yesterday. we're going to talk to the company's ceo tom falk at 7:30 a.m. eastern time this morning. the play station 4 officially now on sale, a little over six hours ago that gamers were able to get their hands on sony's new game console. the price tag, $399. we're going to have a product review of what it is and what it means. it's 6:30 a.m. eastern time. and we're getting a peek into the portfolios of some of the world's biggest investors. warren buffett, snapping up stake in exxon. at yesterday's closing price of $93.22, that stake is valued at $3.74 billion. and a
Nov 13, 2013 1:00pm PST
with a disability. joining us in our panel today are dr. h. westley clark, director, center of substance abuse treatment, substance abuse and mental health services administration, u.s. department of health and human services, rockville, maryland. john de miranda, executive director, national association on alcohol, drugs and disability inc. and president and chief executive officer, stepping stone of san diego, san diego, california. dr. barbara l. kornblau, j.d., disabilities attorney and professor, school of health professions and studies, university of michigan-flint, flint, michigan. ed hammett, consumer advocate, marbury, maryland. dr. clark, how many people in the united states have a disability? that number is not exactly clear, but we estimate roughly 53 million people have a disability, and it may be larger because, again, it turns on new classification schema. but at least 53 million. john, how do we define a disability? well, a disability is really kind of a legal and an administrative term. and in some quarters you might be considered disabled, but by another jurisdiction you migh
Nov 6, 2013 9:00am EST
. >> richard, thank you so much for being here. that does it for us today. join us tomorrow. right now it's time for "squawk on the street." ♪ one day more >> we are one day away from twitter's debut. welcome to "squawk on the street." i'm carl quintanilla with jim cramer and david faber at the new york stock exchange. futures have a decent tone, despite some stocks that will struggle at the open, like abercrombie, like tesla. and europe got a boost from a blowout number out of manufacturing out of germany this morning. twitter set to price tonight, begin trading tomorrow. right behind us here at post nine. >> tesla shares, they're skidding today after vehicles delivered missed expectations. earnings and revenues did come in ahead of consensus. >> abercrombie and finch posting a seventh consecutive quarterly drop in guidance. >> our guest says he knows who the next microsoft ceo will be. >> and twitter will expect it sell 70 million shares between $23 and $25 each. tune in tomorrow for our special coverage of the wall street debut on twitter. it is above the fold today for "usa today,"
FOX Business
Nov 24, 2013 2:00am EST
. >>> give us a break, the same weeke hear about obama care breaks like special perks for lawmakers and potential big tax breaks for unions and a possible bailout for insurers, we're finding this out. a department of jtice brief showing the administration knew in 2010 that a huge percentage of employee-provided health plans would be canceled once the employer mandate kicks in. if you do the math, that adds up to about 80 million americans who could lose their policies once the employer mandate kicks in. so while the insiders g the breaks, do the rest of us just get broken? welcome to "forbes on fox." i'm david asman. sabrina schifer, elizabeth mcdonald, rick hunger and john canny. more special favors for friends, but are the rest of us getting shafted? >> yeah, you know, and we should have seen this coming. i mean, in the same 2010, president obama said in the run-up to congressional elections that electns are about rewarding your friends and punishing your enemies. so obama's friends get ese breaks. now here's the dilemma they are in. young people overwhelmingly supported president
FOX News
Nov 25, 2013 12:00pm PST
you, mike. the president just minutes ago talking about the deal with iran. he says the u.s. cannot close the door to democracy and commit to an endless cycle of conflict. he is in san francisco pushing for immigration reform. also, fox news confirmed that the white house had secret talks for had months before reaching this deal over the weekend over the nuclear program. according to the senior state department official they held at least five meetings since march. they lead to the agreement with iran which the u.s. and five other countries signed. under the deal, iran agrees to a six month pause in it's nuclear program in exchange of about $7 billion in relief from financial restrictions. they will work next year to make sure that iraq does not develop a nuclear weapon. as john kerry points out, enforcing the deal is more challenging than reaching it. >> now the hard part begins. >> there are many skeptics, among them is benjamin netanyahu. he says it brings them closer to developing a nuclear weapon. >> what was concluded in geneva last night is not a historic agreement, it's a hi
Nov 14, 2013 4:00am EST
's season with interesting analysis alongside its release. for more on that, annette is with us in frankfurt. they don't like people saying they have expected surpluses of the eurozone, annette. >> not really. but if you're looking at the euro set figures, then you see that germany has to expect a surplus for the eurozone. they're having a surplus for the rest of the world, i.e. china as well as united states. so that whole imbalance thing within the eurozone, that really makes sense. so then it comes to really -- if you look at the numbers, and those numbers now for the third quarter are most likely going down very well in berlin and not too well in brussels and as well in washington. because as far as first time i can remember is that growth is supported by household government spending and very importantly, i have to stress that capital spending of german companies because during the run up to the elections, we heard a lot of companies complaining about high energy produces, insecurities, when it comes to tax hikes, and a lot of companies did want to spend inside germany, but they were th
Nov 19, 2013 6:00am PST
's murder. in sanford for us this morning, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, facing felony aggravated assault as well as other charges, police spent hours going through the home he shares with his girlfriend as they try to figure out exactly what happened. >> what's going on? >> he's in my house, breaking all my [ bleep ] stuff because i asked him to leave. he has a freaking gun, breaking all my stuff right now. >> reporter: that's the 911 call that police say george zimmerman's girlfriend made during a domestic incident that turned violent. >> you put your gun in my freaking face and told me to get the [ bleep ] out. this is not your house. no. get out of here. >> reporter: the woman told the 911 operator she was pushed out of her house by zimmerman and that he had a shotgun, ar-15, and two handguns inside. she also said the fight started after she had asked the 30-year-old to leave. but zimmerman tells a different story in his own 911 call. >> my girlfriend, for lack of a better word, is going crazy on me. >> reporter: police were already at the house when zimmerman made the call. h
Al Jazeera America
Oct 31, 2013 8:00pm EDT
's $420 a year for food that they won't have according to the u.s. department of agriculture. these cuts will also effect people not on food stamps. according to moody's analytics, every dollar spent on food stamps generates economic growth. >> since farmers receive $0.15 of every dollar that goes through a grocery store it is also about farm income and if people begin to understand who is benefitting from the program, they'll see it is unacceptable to disqualify 2 to 3 million people from the program. >> families who are struggling every day are worried. >> reporter: monshell and her four year old son have to watch their spending when grocery shopping. she has a job in federal government, but she needs help. >> when rent, water bills, light bills, nursery bills, i just couldn't afford to have food in the house. >> reporter: she is grateful for the help, but like 47 million over americans she is about to receive less help. natalie of second harvest food bank of new orleans serves meals to 263,000 people a year who are at risk of going hungry in south louisiana. >> we're very, very concer
FOX News
Nov 18, 2013 8:00am PST
and leveled entire neighborhoods. mike tobin in hard-hit washington, illinois, with more for us now. mike? >> reporter: jenna, this is one of the two neighborhoods absolutely leveled when the tornado touched down in washington, illinois. across the debris field hundreds of homes are reduced right down to the ground. the national weather service is estimating that the tornado that ripped through here carryed winds of 170 to 190 miles an hour. now the sun is up, and with dawn resumes the miserable task, picking through the cold finding debris and what belongings can be salvaged and what remains to be kept. as we look through hundreds of homes in two different neighborhoods, devonshire and trails end neighborhood. it happened in a matter of minutes. storm chasers said the sirens whaled by 11:05. by 11:08 the funnel cloud was on them. one storm chaser described what it is like to be caught in the cloud. >> it is not like it is in the movies. i didn't see a pretty blue center. i did look up. the debris was unbelievable t was very dark, the wind, i can't really describe. it was a sound, they sa
FOX News
Nov 24, 2013 3:00am PST
alert. the u.s. and world powers reaching an historic deal with iran. can iran really be trusted? what message does this send to our allies, particularly israel. we're live in washington with the latest. >>> the obama care disaster the number one issue plaguing the white house. >>> plus, fast forwarding, cassette tapes and using roadmaps to plan trips. sound familiar? part of the time-consuming problems from the 1980s that no longer exist. we've got all the breakdown and i dug through the dusty archives in the basement. "fox & friends" begins right now. >>> good morning. >> good morning. >> it's sunday morning, 6:00 a.m. in the east coast. >> hello, fellas. >> it got brutally cold? >> can i interrupt? >> no. no. >> when we were talking about the eight track tapes, cassettes, you looked at me and started laughing, why is that? >> because i still use them. >> oh. >> because you didn't jump ahead. i've always preferred eight tracks. >> the technology. the future. >> that's what your car still has it. >> it's stuck. i have one stuck in there. >> we have a fox news alert. the u.s. and other
Nov 9, 2013 4:00pm PST
depression at some point in their teen years. scott tells us more. >> i've felt depressed in some ways of being bullied at school, and it's very -- you feel empty and sad, and it's just... you don't want to be living. it's a terrible feeling. >> it feels like you don't have a place anywhere. >> it's just really sad and, like -- and not happy. >> no doubt we've all felt sad at various times in our lives, but when does feeling sad mean something far more serious? dr. dana rabinowitz is a psychologist who treats kids with depression. hello, doctor. >> hi. >> so that we're all on the same page, what does "depression" mean? >> "depression" is one of those words that people use in everyday conversation to mean they feel really sad, but real depression is when you have a loss of interest in the things that you want, and you're sad for two weeks or longer. >> how can we tell the difference between just feeling blue and real depression? >> when you're really depressed, the level of depression is really intense. you feel so sad you can't find any interest in the activities you really enjoy. you
Nov 18, 2013 6:00pm EST
by the businesses using disruptive technology you'll hear about and not you, not individuals who are enjoying the fruits of lowers costs. but these are not amazon or priceline, two companies i like very much. although priceline only valued by traditional metrics. you need to know that context here. because by and large the companies you'll be hearing from have alluded many of you or at least their concepts have and their missions have. their missions seem to befollow people. when most of us think of tech, what do we? oracle, microsoft, cisco, intel, ibm. we don't think of orr workday or viva. we think of the former being cheap and laters being ridiculously overvalued. and on traditional metrics that's probably true. but sometimes we forget why we invest in tech in the first place. we do not do it for cheapness. we do not do it for dividends and we certainly don't do it for buybacks. we do it for growth. unfortunately the companies we traditionally think of for tech often really vestiges in trench players at least in the uninformed you don't over 130,000 people coming to dream f
Comedy Central
Nov 15, 2013 7:00pm PST
to deliver food, water and medicine. >> the u.s. also providing $20 million in immediate aid. >> folks, america takes alot of slack just because we spy on our ali, invade countries on hunches and threaten to tank the global economy as a fund-raising tool. but face it, when the [bleep] goes down the world needs heroes, nobody says thank gods the belgians are here. oh, i hope they brought us some waffles. (laughter) nation, this makes me proud to be an american. to know that my tax dollars are going to help people if i pay taxes. i have an excellent accountant. he said if a shell ter, i think the feel pooens. >> america has put our money where our mouth s the boots on the ground and hads in the air like we just do care. can't say the them thing about so-called superpower china. >> china getting a bit of criticism. they've been in a long-term dispute, a land dispute, but guess what they're only giving $100,000. >> wow apparently the chinese symbol for crisis is also the one for bite me. seriously, the nation of china pledged only $100,000. i bet the colbert nation could give more than tha
Al Jazeera America
Nov 21, 2013 8:00pm EST
security pack withe u.s. afghanistan, and the agreement to keep some troops there for another decade, tonight why it now be in jeopardy. home for the holidays, store employees pushing back on staying open for thanksgiving, tonight meet the young worker leading the charge. defining dallas, 50 years after the assassination, how the city coped with and changed after the death of jfk. it has been that way in washington for almost 100 years. tonight that is history. they make good on their warning to launch the so called nuclear option. mike, so what does it mean? >> well, john, the senate likes to call itself the world's greatest dribble rahtive body, but when they changed that role, it stood for almost 100 years the chamber is now in danger of a melt down. suddenly free to have most of his nominees confirmed with a similar majority. >> people should vote their conscious. they should vote on behalf of constituents, but they should vote. the president accused republicans of abusing rules. republicans block them all. part of an emerging trend. the chain means a simple majority can n
FOX News
Nov 21, 2013 3:00am PST
that there was a lot of difference of opinion as to whether or not we can or should do what he urged us to do last week. >> they had the meeting. they loved being in the white house, probably got a tour. in the end they have to watch out for their own backsides and their own private companies. they warned the president, what he's proposing now would amount to different rules and different policies, might result in higher premiums, not good for you and you, without underlying concerns for gaps in coverage. florida likes it. it allows people to renew their coverage. in indiana they say they will adopt the president's proposal. new york said tpho*efplt california is to announce its decision on thursday. more states are saying we'll worry about it on our own. this is such a mess, unquantifiable to even drill down on how bad this is. the insurance companies are now in the middle. and don't you feel as though this is their opportunity to push back after being the battering ram for the president over the last three and a half years? the insurance companies, the bad insurance companies are ruining everything,
Nov 10, 2013 7:00pm PST
tells us about his time with the rebels fighting to take syria, and about his 210 days of captivity, torture and eventual salvation. >> matt schrier: the gunfire was all day, sniper fire all day. i mean, we were behind a wall, and you couldn't come out from that wall. if you stuck your head out from that wall, they would blow it off. >> pelley: matt schrier is a war photographer and like most journalists, he slipped into syria with the help of the free syrian army-a moderate rebel group supported by the united states. schrier captured these images of f.s.a. rebels fighting the forces of the syrian dictator bashar al assad. what were the rebels fighting for? >> schrier: freedom. one of the guy's names was hamid noor. after the first battle that night, he was walking back, and he just looked, and he held out his hand, and the area was devastated. and he just goes, "no freedom. no freedom." and he went through his phone, and he just showed me all his friends. "dead. dead. dead. bashar. bashar." like that, over and over again. and that's what they all, they were all calling for, freedom
Nov 21, 2013 2:00pm PST
of free and open debate is taken away from the minority party and the millions of americans who ask us to be their voice, i fear that the already partisan atmosphere in washington will be poisoned to the point where no one will be able to agree on anything. that doesn't serve anyone's best interest and it certainly isn't what the patriots who founded this democracy had in mind. we owe the people who sent us here more than that. we owe them much more. >> reporter: now, that may seem hypocritical to some people watching the change over the years, but white house officials insist in this case that it's different, that this ballooning opposition that you've seen over the years really tips the scale in favor of the nuclear option. i will say one other important question here that is at this point still unanswered. does the president see this as a temporary fix or a permanent solution, i asked white house spokesman josh earnest that at the briefing today and he wouldn't say, wolf. >> all right. brianna, thanks very much. so will the democrats' nuclear option fix a broken senate or lay waste
Nov 28, 2013 2:00am PST
, and especially to jose canseco, his girlfriend, and cocoa and chanel, happy thanksgiving from us all on "the ridiculist." that does it for this edition of "360." thanks for watching. >>> crisis averted! millions of travelers making their way home for the holiday, but will the real stars of thanksgiving, the pg-rated inflatable ones, will they fly high or will they be grounded? >> a house of horrors. new details emerging. three young sisters held captive for two years. abuse from their parents. >>> are the retailers taking it too far now for black friday? happy thanksgiving to you. good morning, everybody. i'm john berman. welcome to "early start." >> i'm pam brown. it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. happy thanksgiving morning. >> the worse is behind us. it is time for the prethanksgiving celebratory distance. the storm that roared across the country this week was enough to slow down traffic but not stop it. >> some airport delays along the east coast. hubs in philadelphia and new york reporting slow downs but most people made it tho their destinations with little or most half. >> the final remnant
Al Jazeera America
Nov 25, 2013 8:00pm EST
got locked. those are to us three important things. the other thing raised in question, the common notion that the principal attacked the gunman to save lives. it wasn't directly addressed in the report. this said she and the psychologist heard the commotion, and they were in the conference room, and they were killed. there were people speculating and saying we should change the approach, but lockdown is working. at danbury elementary school a gunman was stopped wher just a w miles away from sandy hook. some of this debunks some of the myths. >> let's start with the entrance to the school. there was a locked door but that did not stop adam lanza from blowing the door open and getting inside. what else have you learned about protecting the children. >> the door did delay. >> he killed how many students, and he has killed 20 students in six minutes. >> he skilled 20 students and staff in rooms that never got locked. one teacher was a substitute and it may have been the kind of drills they conducted, they clearly conducted lockdown drills. >> this is interesting. doors are locked, and
Nov 13, 2013 5:00am PST
divert attention from israel up being taken to new kit deal with the round. us secretary of state john kerry has called on israel to the minute settlement activity. an anti palestinian president mahmoud abbas has been stretched the total count to three months of peace to my washington palestinians say israeli settlements in areas to catch it during the nineteen sixty seven mideast war will tonight and a viable state what a sad sight physical links to the area. most countries consider the enclaves as in the current international role. germany began publishing an online list of works that were discovered in a huge box tops in the munich last last year. the works have been seized it must be from james white wartime german art dealer from your lips. these are pics of some cornelius sold pieces but never to meet the cost of all art is worth millions. it's important that we have transparency is to cut the international express some midweek up and hobbled back to each other out with a long time ago that when things go. the government has been heavily criticized for keeping silent for almost t
Nov 14, 2013 10:00pm PST
and their pregnant mom all tied up and terrorized. new at 10:00, ktvu's deborah villalon live and tell us the family didn't have what the robbers were after. >> reporter: money and marijuana. and this family has neither but it did not stop the robbers from threatening to kidnap a child. asleep before school, 13-year- old pedro and 7-year-old sister gladys were jolted away by three massinged men who broke their back door. pedro awoke to find. >> a guy pointing a gun at my head, pointing at me. >> reporter: the men bound their wrists and ankles with plastic zip ties on their mom alvina too. six months pregnant. all the while demanding money and marijuana that they thought was here. >> they came in here. pulled everything out. >> reporter: while alvina tried to explain she had nothing they wanted. >> reporter: the robbers may have thought the barn behind the house was being used to grow marijuana. last year, on some streets near by authorities seized more than 1,000 pot plants from the backyards of the few dozen homes. but in the alcazars big garage a car and the remnants of their family's halloween pa
Nov 20, 2013 6:30pm EST
about something else that jumped out at us. have a look at this. only 7% think the health care law should stay as it is. 48% said that it needs some changes. 43% thinks it should be repealed all together. well, the president only has three years left in his term. i mean, the the health law going to be viable. >> the 43% that want it ripped out, repealed, that's not too much more -- it's not good for the president but it's not too much more than that number was this summer. but the 48% that wants some changes, that explainses why members of the president's party are pushing on him for modifications. what kind of modifications will depend on whether the site is working by the end of the month and whether people are getting signed up in enough numbers. if they're not, there's going to be more pressure on him to fix it. >> pelley: let us bring in bill daley, mr. obama's chief of staff from 2011 to twelve. mr. dalye, this was the president's highest domestic priority. should he have been asking more questions about whether it was going to succeed? >> well, i think it's pretty obvious th
Nov 21, 2013 9:00am EST
. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> it was very interesting. >>> that does it for us today. make sure you join us tomorrow. right now it is time for "squawk on the street." >> welcome to "squawk on the street". first breaking news on the treasury and gm. >> thanks, carl. treasury anticipates exiting the controversial general motors investment. it will do so by the end of 2013. it's launching its plan to sell the remaining 31.1 million gm shares. it has recouped about 39 billion from the 49 billion it invested. that would be at today's share price if it sold the shares for 1.1 billion dollar gain. it is announcing that it sold the last 70 million shares that it announced a couple of weeks ago. finally with all said and done would recoup about $431 billion of the 421. that is about a 10 billion dollar gain on all other things out there. so i guess bringing history to an end here where treasury will leave or exit the general motors once the biggest auto maker in america. certainly one of the biggest. >> certainly profitable as they point out, talking about 340,000 new auto jobs created f
Nov 29, 2013 2:00pm PST
confrontation. fighters jets take to the sky after u.s. military planes enter disputed territory. can tension be defused before the crisis escalates? >>> international nightmare. an american man arrested and jailed in dubai on shocking charges. what was his alleged crime? >>> and biden in 2016. some say the vice president is positioning himself for his own white house bid, but will he really run? wolf blitzer is off today. i'm jim sciutto. you're in "the situation room." >>> long simmering tension over disputed territory has suddenly heated up. china's military scrambled fighter jets today after u.s. and japanese planes entered an air defense zone beijing unilaterally declared just last week. it's over the east china sea in a cluster of small uninhabited islands claimed by both china and japan. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr is following developments for us. barbara, we had china declare the zone, u.s. planes flew through it, china warned again, u.s. planes flew through again. what's to keep this from escalatin escalating? >> reporter: right now, joe biden. the vice president is hea
Oct 31, 2013 6:00pm PDT
entertained by the only person who mattered or most of us back to halloween. that's david plouffe. interesting talk and remember, piers, at the time, in the late fall of 2011, there was a lot of talk about well, what if he switched out joe biden for hillary clinton? >> what about the relationship between barack obama and bill clinton? it seems from this book extremely testy but mainly from the president eastside, almost like he couldn't bear to spend too much time with president clinton, which seemed bizarre to me. >> no, remember their history. remember when hillary clinton ran against bill clinton -- i'm sorry, ran against barack obama in a primary season. he took on barack obama, the obama campaign which i was covering at the time was severely offended by the former president, sort of suggesting they thought that the president -- that president obama then candidate obama wasn't up to the job. not surprising their relationship was gone like this. i thought one of the really interesting things that caused tension in the early parts of the campaign actually happened on your show when bill clin
Al Jazeera America
Nov 14, 2013 8:00pm EST
us live. paul. >> john, i am here right outside the city itself. this is the hub on the military side of the airport. you request see some philippine is australian ships behind me. they have been looking loops back and forth, taking aid back out, bringing evacuees back, we saw a few hung go by here. you mentioned also the death toll, john, there's been a little confusion this morning the number we are being told to go with now, from the philippine government is 4,460. that's the official count right now. but we are hearing also from the mayor skying that there's 4,000 dead in his town alone. so these numbers still very fluid, obviously as more and more people are found, and people trickle in who have been missing these numbers are always changing. the big news here, right now, is that the u.s.s. george washington american air contractor carrier strike group is just off the coast, starting to fly in a lot of supplies. 21 helicopters on that ship alone, more than 80 aircraft. a huge relief capacity there. right off the coast of the province. paul i know you have talked to some evacuees
Al Jazeera America
Nov 20, 2013 8:00pm EST
with what the nature is trying to do. no movement so far today. >> libby casey, on the hill. joining us is paula kaufman, a former navy lieutenant, part of the scandal known as tailhook. she attended in support of the senator's amendment. what is your reaction to what senator mccain say? >> it's interesting, where he has the utmost faith in command and the command structure, and everyone does share that same faith. in fact he was instrumental in bringing forth my complaint in the tailhook debacle because of my chain of command basically in fact literally my commanding officer when i gave him my complaint of being assaulted, my boss said, that's what you get. so right then in that moment i knew the command structure was not going to support me and ultimately and ironically now, senator mccain is expressing his deepest trust in that exact same dynamic where the chain of command can handle those kind of situations. >> is he saying he's expressing his deepest trust or maybe he's saying we got to change things so we can trust the chain of command? >> i think he's not in favor of the gillibra
Al Jazeera America
Nov 4, 2013 11:00pm EST
state police say there are no reports of injury. on the phone with us now is our own juan carlos molina. juan carlos, what can you tell us? >> well, john, we arrived at the mall just a few minutes ago. they literally turned us around and sent us to a parking lot right next to the mall. but they have the whole parking lot area near nordstrom on lock down. they are searching for somebody stills inside the building. happened around 9:30 a.m. shots fired near 9:30 near the nordstrom's shopping store inside the mall. they started bringing people out, evacuating people out. they have reports of the swat team is here, there is also a bomb squad here. we're assuming that these are ought preventive measures. -- all preventative measures. reports of one man, with armed with at least a rifle and possibly wearing black clothing, possibly wearing body armor. right now information is very sketchy coming out. but they are bringing people out of the mall and trying to keep people from going back into the mall. parts of the mall were starting to close but there are still restaurants and there's a movie
Al Jazeera America
Nov 11, 2013 8:00pm EST
reporter craig geeson. tell us what the biggest challenge for the government is right now. >> reporter: the biggest challenge is getting the food aid to the people who most need it. i'm standing at the air force base right now, and watching right in front of me, an international cargo transporter pulling in just 150 meters away from me, loaded with relief supplies. international help on its way, and it has been streaming in over the past days. there are three c130s that have been going in and out all day. they are loading them up with supplies and unloading some of the survivors who are being taken to the hospital for the help they need. >> talk about the reports of wide-spread luting, and how that might impact the efforts to provide aid to the people there. >> reporter: i didn't quite catch that question, but i can tell you that they certainly have their hands full here trying to not only find survivors but get the aid that is here to the areas that need it. the main problem they have got with doing that is combatting the luters that have been taking some of that aid. there were repor
Nov 27, 2013 6:00pm EST
showed up. a lot of us were thinking, they are only showing up because the deal is already had. it caps on dragging on. was that john kerry has to go to london the day after. he had to have a meeting with the british foreign minister. the british foreign minister was staying at the same hotel. on, people started to think, they have to walk home without a deal. how is that going to be with ?hat -- for john kerry he put his name on the line to get a nuclear deal and twice he would have to walk home empty- handed. we are hearing munich, surrender. imagine what would happen if he did not get a deal. end, it was quite dramatic and a lot of people thought it would not happen. journalistiranian run down the stairs towards her laptop. the person must have known something. to talkomats tended much more with their generalist than the american diplomats. the american diplomats hardly said a word. everyone thought, ok, something is happening. she says, there is a deal. logistics.rking out it starts to spread, but there is no confirmation. the only person who knows about it is one iranian journalist
Nov 23, 2013 7:00pm PST
to pray for us for a tie between cairo and anchor of falling repeated criticism of muhammad maltese but try to change it to expel the turkish ambassador and downgrades diplomatic relations. thumbs down to the water just as everyone began to give up hope he would negotiate this evil soul for deposit towards the global climate pact to be signed here attacks in twenty fifty. some political topic you very much joining us. we begin in switzerland where talks with iran sneak a program once again brought together four minutes is open six twelve cars. the goal of the talks that derek jeter is to reach a deal with the islamic republic which would see its sanctions that he's in return for cuts on to ron's new kit program of course bomb and jones are costas is falling off the defendants for us in geneva is the latest. people are cautious bag i want to call the success or faa east point. this intensive negotiations by ministers from that the sik the radiance and lady ashton around the clock to try and broker a deal but it's likely ask whether the political hurdles that they will be on a doubt f
Nov 18, 2013 5:30pm PST
're just devastated. we have no clue. >> reporter: andrea bowers used to live somewhere in that knotted thicket of debris along with her husband ryan and three- month-old daughter sydney. she road out the storm in the basement of the home they bought just last summer. you came up out of the basement and you saw -- >> nothing. we looked up and there was sky. >> everything was gone. >> a stairway to nothing. >> we just had a baby book with pictures made and it's somewhere under there. hopefully we can find that. >> reporter: the painstaking search for mementos, albums and the intangibly valuable keepsakes of life was going on all over town. it will take a lot of luck. this is how one neighborhood in washington looked before the storm. and this is how it looks now. no wonder documents like bank checks and savings bonds from here were recovered 85 miles away. and now with winter approaching the cleanup and reconstruction will be slower because of the cold, scott. the winter warning of snow is expected later this week which will only add to the misery of the homeless here. >> pelley: dean, t
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